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Conversation with my accountant


Wood is such an interesting and all pervasive product that people take for granted. I was talking to my accountant recently about Paulownia and he said “I don’t know much about trees”. “Nonsense!” I said, “that’s not entirely true” I said, as with a little thought he depends upon them to a very high degree. From the chair he was sitting on, the desk in front of him, the paper he was taking notes on and the pencil in his hand, he was a major user of trees. His office building’s floors, doors, windows, cupboards were all made from wood. Even the oxygen he breathed was to some extent provided by trees. They seem quite important don’t they!

Of course, to be fair, he may have meant he didn’t know how to cost and account for trees or differentiate between one species and another! Nevertheless its quite interesting to see just how much humans depend upon wood and gives some insight into why we need timber production to flourish. Funny, he then started to ask how he could invest in Paulownia so I suppose my diatribe did percolate the accounting brain!

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Conversation with my accountant