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Paulownia Wood for Surfboards, Snowboards,…



Paulownia, it’s a very sustainable, fast growing, hardwood that’s a little heavier than balsa but much stronger.

Paulownia is the best wood for surfboards because of its good weight to strength ratio, its lightness and its highly unusual property of not sucking up salt water.

A further attraction with paulownia surfboards, kayaks and boats is the small environmental impact compared with fiberglass products, which are associated pollutants and long decomposition time.

World famous shapers around the world such as Tom Wegener are re-emerging and increasing the popularity of wooden surfboards.

Only last year, the World wide known ski manufacturer Rossignol, developed a new ski with a paulownia core which made the ski 15% ligther which made the company win numerous Awards including Best Ski for 2014. More information here.

If you are into water sports and paulownia wood might be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed quoting.

  • Extremely light and fine texture.paulownia-board-for-surfing
  • Moistureproof.
  • Stand to tear and wear.
  • Keep insects away.
  • Easy to process.
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 5m3.
  • Packaging Detail : packed by pallets
  • Delivery Time : within 20 days
  • Supplying Ability : 3000 m3
  • Payment Type : T/T, L/C, D/P


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