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Not a Hedge Fund, more a Tree Fund

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At Paulownia Ltd we are focused on planting paulownia trees at our sites in Spain to meet the market demand for timber. We have already made a great start and are seeking to expand in cooperation with our partners and the investment community. Of course we are not a "hedge fund" :) and neither are we a "tree fund" yet, although we are looking at the possibility of launching a fund at some stage.  In the meantime we are offering a timber investment opportunity which exploits the benefits of paulownia, the fastest growing hardwood available. We facilitate timber investment in a flexible way. For the…

Paulownia Timber Investment forecast

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Editors Note:- The source article, published by 'Sovereign Investor', is particularly pertinent for its forecast of Timber (paulownia) investment versus other asset classes over the next 7 years. Jeremy Grantham compares investment returns. Jeremy Grantham is on the Board of Directors and is chief investment strategist at Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO) which manages $100 billion in funds. Grantham is highly regarded in the investment world and his forecasts are avidly followed. He is reported to have got it right about the dot.com bust and warned of the 2008 market crash.  Other prescient warnings were of the Japanese property collapse. A more recent forecast is…

Timber investors have a lot to consider

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A recent article in the Financial Times by Nyree Stewart has advised those investing in timber to think about the risks and establish their expectations at the correct point in order to get the best from the asset class. The article explains that investing in forestry has become more popular in light of the fact that the asset class is a good hedge against rising inflation. It is also very loosely correlated with the overall economy, as timber prices often raise during difficult economic times. However, Stewart urges those timber investors considering investing to think carefully about the expected use for the timber they are…



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Not a Hedge Fund, more a Tree Fund