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Timber prices likely to rise – is this the right time to invest in plantations?

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The demand for timber is increasing all over the world, and especially in emerging markets such as China and India. We believe that timber prices will also be driven up as a result of the fact that the world’s timber firms simply can’t keep up with demand. China’s speedy development into an emerging super power has meant a major boost to the timber industry in the US, Europe and South America. The country expects the number of people living in its urban areas to double and is building 20 ‘mega cities’ and 50,000 high-rise buildings in order to try to house this growing urban population.…

Timberland is better long-term option than gold

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A recent blog By Kevin McElroy of Wyatt Investment Research looks at whether timberland is a better long-term asset class than gold. iPaulpownia believe it is, for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s important to establish that timberland performs better for investors than the stock markets. Some might disagree with this, but the facts speak for themselves. Bank of America statistics show that between 1991 and 2010, timberland’s average annual returns totaled 11.16 per cent. This compared with average returns of 9.03 per cent for the S&P 500 Index. It’s easy to see why timberland has become so attractive in recent years –…

Ethical investments really are the future

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Investing in ethical assets and projects will always be popular now and in the future, despite some believing that the current interest in philanthropy and green investments may be a fad in response to the economic crisis. Surely, though, it’s simply a cultural response to the knowledge that we all need to make changes in order to reduce climate change and help those affected by war, poverty and, indeed, the impact of climate change. This can’t just be a fad. I believe there has been a fundamental shift in the way many of us perceive our planet and those we share it with. Sure, the…



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Timber prices likely to rise – is this the right time to invest in plantations?