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Investing in trees can help prevent deforestation

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If you’re looking for an investment project that can actually help the environment and society as a whole, especially in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions, you might think your options are somewhat limited. It’s true that most investment funds seem to focus on unsustainable asset classes – some even invest directly in fossil fuels and other carbon-heavy industries. However, a truly ethical investment option does exist and it will even make you money! No longer are ethical investment and profit mutually exclusive. Investing in trees, investing sustainable, responsibly managed plantations of non-native trees in regions that are rich with natural forests, can actively…

FAO forestry chief to head up Expo 2015

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s assistant director-general for forestry, Eduardo Rojas-Briales, has been chosen by the United Nations to lead preparations for Expo 2015. The event – which will focus on the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’ – will address the “universal and complex theme of nutrition from an environmental, historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technical, scientific and economic point of view,” the FAO reported. Expo 2015 will be held in Milan, Italy, and will invite attendees to debate issues such as sustainable development, food security and exports, nutrition and climate change. Rojas-Briales said that the challenge for the event was to “provoke…

UN Forum agrees on actions to improve sustainable forest management

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The UN Forum on Forests has agreed on a series of actions to improve sustainable forest management and safeguard forests for future generations. The forum concluded its tenth session on Saturday after adopting two resolutions and considering the establishment of a voluntary global fund to support sustainable forest management, The 197 member countries of the Forum called on governments to address how they could improve sustainable forest management suggesting a range of actions from substantive data collection to addressing the causes of deforestation. The Forum also agreed that to support the endeavor, multiple sources of funding were needed from public and private spheres, as well…



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Investing in trees can help prevent deforestation