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Paulownia trees for sale




  • Fastest growing hardwood on the planet.
  • Hybrid paulownia interspecific clone COT2 (paulownia fortunei x paulownia elongata)
  • These plants are approx 15 cm tall in a 0.6 litre pot.
  • Strong rooting system in place.
  • Mature paulownia tree produces 1.2 m3 of timber within 8 to 10 year if managed property and under right climate conditions.
  • The plant in the picture is the same or very similar to the one you will get, but please note these trees are deciduous so will have no leaves if buying in the Autumn or Winter.
  • Needs full sun, good well drained soil and prefers a sheltered aspect.
  • Price varies on quantity.
  • Delivery time: Normally 10 days after payment within EU.IMAG0182W
  • Best performing paulownia tree for sale. We produce an average of 700,000 plants per year.
  • Orders outside the EU need phytosanitary requirements.

Contact us for a detailed quotation, special order or further information.

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Shipping to the EU20141015_100901

The standard delivery of the Medium Hybrid Paulownia COT2 tree is in a 0.6L container (9cmx9cm) is in a cardboard box. Each cardboard box contains 25 medium size hybrid paulownia trees aproximately.

The size of a standard carboard box is 60cm x 40cm x 30 cm.

The easiest and most affordable way of shipping is by road or by sea.

For EU residents, Medium Hybrid Paulownia COT2 plantlet in a 0.6L container, is delivered with a certificate of origin and phytosanitary passport according to the EU regulations.

Preparing the order can take up to 5 days from payment.

During off season delivery, please contact us for further details and timing.


Shipping outside the EU

Shipping paulownia trees outside the EU, requires different procedures and regulations. It is important to know the country’s import requirements in order to prepare and issue the necessary phytosanitary information required by the import authorities of the country.

The standard shipping of the Hybrid Paulownia COT2 plantet outside the EU it isIMG-20141015-WA0001 made in polystyrene box, bare rooted paulownia trees. These plantets do not have any peat or soil.  Each polystyrene box contains 200 paulownias.

The size of the polystyrene box is 60cm x 40cm x 30cm.

There would be 200 plants per box.

5 polystyrene boxes would fit in a pallet (1m3).

Each box weights 40kg aprox. The weight of a pallet is about 200kg per pallet.

Preparing an international order can take up to 15 days. During off season delivery, please contact us for further details and timing.

iPaulownia does not include shipping cost for this item. Shipping is to be organized by the customer or, alternatively, iPaulownia can search and advise on specific shipping options.

For further information on shipping, please contact us to request a quotation.


Paulownia Info

Paulownia is native to Southeast Asia but it is used throughout the world with a number of uses from construction to bio-fuel. Due to its speed of growth, Paulownia has become a more reliable hardwood, guaranteed to grow quickly and satisfy increasing demands around the world.

The Paulownia tree has deep roots, perfect for stability, making it strong and reliable and perfect for growing in areas of steep inclines where trees would not normally grow.

Due to Paulownia’s deep roots it also has a greater tolerance to wind, therefore allowing it to grow and flourish in areas where forests may have already failed.

The Paulownia trees are able to grow in areas that lack good quality soil and therefore perfect for reforestation and afforestation across the world; with its ease of growth, the Paulownia tree can quickly reforest an area. However, we suggest to carry the necessary soil studies, land preparation and have a good management team in place in order to maximize the performance of your paulownia plantation.

Paulownia wood is knot free, which greatly reduces wastage and makes it a good choice for many buyers. Paulownia trees are disease resistant and have a high temperature resistance – making Paulownia wood almost bullet proof to the elements.

For more information about our hybird paulownia trees, please contact us.